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  1. I teach Spanish in Virginia Beach, VA. I was looking for play Euros for activities in class. Thank you a million Euros (Bad pun, hun!) I am going to print the different currencies on incorrect colored paper in order to avoid mistakes in real life. This will probably be the first time any of my students will have seen any type of Euro and/or other foreign currency.

    Your site is lovely. Thank you for your efforts. I will tell you more after I use the currencies.

  2. Would you be willing to give me more explicit instructions/explanations of exactly what the casino wheel is and how it works?
    Thanks in advance!

    Scottish Boomerang responds:

    Full explaination can be found here.

    Hope this helps, all feedback is appriciated.

  3. Just watched your mooncup video on youtube and I had to thank you and tell you that I am very impressed with your respect for other cultures and surroundings. Nice to see clever, respectful yet sweet how to´s on there. 🙂
    Have a very good life.

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