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Although I write commentary on legal and current affairs in Korea, and am persuing postgraduate study in International Law at Handong International Law School, I am not (yet) licenced to practice law in any jurisdiction and absolutely nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice. If you are in legal trouble here you should seek the help of your embassy or consulate in the first instance, and thereafter see as a result of

If you are a Korean law or accountancy firm wishing to reach foreigners in South Korea, for a small fee you can place a link on this website. This covers the cost of maintaining this site as a resource for all (I don’t get any money for blogging).

I am particularly interested to hear from foreigners who have had positive (or negative) experiences with Korean lawyers and accountants, so that migrant teachers (and other migrant workers) can access quality legal help when they need it. If you are a foreigner who, on the basis of a personal experience, wishes to comment on a law or accountancy firm (recommendation or warning), you can place a comment at the bottom of this page. Let’s share the love.

Legal Note:

Comments by visitors to this website, and the accuracy thereof, are the responsbility of the poster and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of this site. The list below is posted in good faith, but is intended for research purposes only. Anyone seeking legal help in Korea should excercise due diligence before engaging a legal or accountancy practitioner. I have collected the names of English-Speaking attorneys in Korea and posted them here. This is based on information provided to the British Embassy in Seoul by the Korean Bar Association, and may or may not be true. Write to me if you want to place your experiences with these firms here.



  1. English Speaking Law Firms and Lawyers:


    Seyang Bldg, 223 Naeja-dong
    Chongro-Ku, Seoul
    Tel: 737-4455 Fax 737 9091/3

    BAE, KIM & LEE
    3-12th Floors, Hankook Tire Bldg
    647-15 Yoksam-dong
    Kangnam-ku, Seoul

    Tel: 3404-0000, Fax: 3404 0001

    5th Floor, Wonseo Bldg.
    171, Wonseo-dong, Chongro-ku, Seoul
    Tel: 397-9800, 725-8727/8

    KIM, SHIN & YU
    Room 1204, Leema Bldg.
    146-1 Susong-dong
    Chongro-ku, Seoul
    Tel: 2000-5000, 735-5822 Fax 2000-5050

    KIM & KIM
    12th Fl. Korea National Tourism Corp. Bldg
    10, Da-dong, Jung-ku, Seoul
    Tel: 755-2980 Fax 776-3370

    Room 1001, Marine Centre 10/F.
    118 Namdaemoon-ro 2 ka, Jung-ku, Seoul
    Tel 752-1461, 1467 Fax 753-1145, 755-2903

    Room 301, Seojin Bldg.
    1569-1, Seocho-Dong
    Seocho-ku, Seoul.
    Tek :098-4411 Fax: 598-4410

    Room 406, Kumku Bldg.
    1718-4 Seocho-dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul
    Tel: 536-7588/9 Fax: 536-4888

    Aurora Law Offices
    9th Floor, KNTO Bldg, 10 Da-Dong,
    Chung-Ku, Seoul
    Tel: 771-8885 Fax: 771-8886

  2. I was fired this week out of what seems like thin air, for no real reason at all. I have been here 4 months and they want me to stay for one more month. They are offering to pay for my airfare
    but i believe I deserve more than this, considering I had no intentions of actually going home mid August-to no job, no place to live-no sevrence-etc
    sorry to moan
    what can I do?
    Is there a Labour Service I can contact?
    What is your advice?

    • Sorry for the really late reply – I suggest the labour board.

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