Er… Boomerang isn’t your real name, right?

My name is Lucy, and although I like some privacy on this blog, I do publish and broadcast under my given name too.

Do you write anywhere else?

I write a regular column for the Korea Herald and sometimes post on Poor But Happy or Daves ESL cafe, but I do less of this now because of the levels of abuse on those sites. I broadcast at my YouTube Channel as well. I do not send spam or post anywhere else, so if you get anything dodgy using either my give name or my Net-handle then please let me know via the contact form.

So why is this site called the Scottish Boomerang?

Boomerangs are carefully constructed objects, that, when hurled across the world, will come back to the point of origin. By contrast, a Scottish Boomerang doesn’t actually come back, but merely sings depressing folk songs about how much it wants to go back. It might go back to die there.

Where are you right now?

I am currently working in England for Love&Justice Ltd (name changed) essentially a not-fo-profit legal services provider with charitable status, doing Human Rights legal stuff.  I am pursuing post-graduate legal study part time.. I have recently returned from South Korea, where I was studying at Handong International Law School, which paradoxically, is no where near any of the countries international or cosmopolitan centres. It is however one of the most ethnically diverse universities in South Korea.

Where are you going next?

As you know, the Scottish Boomerang never really comes back to Scotland, but I hope to be here in the glorious and very English countryside for quite some time. I may manage a trip back to Colombia, this time for a holiday.

What are your interests:

Law, travel, theology, current affairs. I am a theist of RC/Anglican origin and am intersted in the philosophy of religion as an academic excerise.

Who’s the chick in your avatar?:

This is a painting of Santa Lucia, who is the patron saint of writers and people with eye conditions, and therefore, I surmise, the patron saint of bloggers. She was a Sicilian virgin martyr who died sometime during the Diocletian persecution of Christians in Roman times. Refusing to marry a pagan noble, the Vita recounts that she was sentenced to be sold into sexual slavery, but when the guards tried to drag her off to a brothel, she remained fixed by a miracle to the spot where she stood. They then gouged her eyes out, but she grew new ones (hence the eyes in a dish). Then they set her on fire, and God saved her again. But not for long – she met a nasty end at the point of an uncomplicated sword. But no brothel, so that was all right then.

A good Catholic schooling always involves some elements of horror.


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