Welcome to the Scottish Boomerang, a travel, culture and current affairs blog I began in Korea in 2004, but subsequently lost because the boffins at Blogger thought it would be a really smart idea to have the blogger dashboard “sense” the nationality of the IP address and change languages automatically. I pressed “delete blog” by accident sometime in 2005, taking all my travel journals with it, much to the consternation of my friends, family, and small following of three people who used to log on regularly.

About the Scottish Boomerang:

This site is my travel/culture/current affairs blog to help family friends, and snooping potential employers ( well, I do hear that having a wee shifty at personal blogs of interviewees is all the rage these days) get in touch and keep abreast of developments in my rather eventful life. Net-literate potential employers will be gratified to know that this blog is entirely consistent with my curriculum vitae, and has no naked pictures or stories about what I did at the weekend on the local fire-water), but I’m afraid that I do have a sense of humour, an observational style, and the nature of this blog tackles tough issues. If you have a problem with this, I would remind you that this is a personal blog, and that I do retain a rather sharp boundaries between my professional and personal life. Readers are welcome to discuss any part of this blog with me in person (if they know me) or by sending an email or private message via the Contact page on this side or my channel.

This blog contains advice and comments about international travel and cultural issues, has a Scottish dimension (being, as I am, a Scot) and really does contain thoughtful articles on the local firewater, but only as a cultural commentary. It contains my criticism of books, world cinema and the arts in general when I can get away from my research, and my commentaries on law and development, which is the topic of my research, for those who are brave enough or who have develop and sudden and insatiable desire to know more about international law.

My experience is documented here largely to document my experiences, good and “character forming”. There are probably be a few who will take by some things I write here. Please post your views, as they are, in my comments section. But as far as being offended goes, I would urge any detractors to meditate first on the words of St Jerome: better that the truth offend, than the truth be hidden.

Who is the Scottish Boomerang?

I am a Youtube broadcaster, journalist, and legal academic/jurist from South West Scotland. I write a regular print column on international legal issues in the Expat Living English edition of The Korea Herald. My interesting career in education and training consulting (with some teaching and counselling) has taken me to India and Latin America, but I’ve finally found my true home in the law. I have recently graduated with a legal masters in International Law from Handong International Law School, and I am exploring my next step. This blog accompanies my YouTube Channel where I post up interesting vlog articles on everything from teaching to theology.


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