Posted by: scottishboomerang | January 21, 2008


An insular peninsula on the insular peninsula. Where the love hotel district is bigger than towntown. The nasty seaport, where the sewers stink and the lights are pink. The place that has taken eighteen, precious, irreplacable months of life.  A place where there is absolutely nothing to do.
Appart from the Bangs.
Allow me to explain. Bang is the Korean word for “room”, making it alongs with Jang (Hall) one of the most overused words in the Korean language. You have PC Rooms (Internet Gaming Arcades, but you can also check your email), Singing Rooms ( Karaoke entertainment facilties) and  which along with the movies and DV Rooms (mini private cinemas, where, ahem, you can take your beloved on the pretext of renting a movie and watching it while reclining with her in a love seat). Which brings us of course to Motel Rooms (bang bangs?). I’ve pretty much described what you can do on a weekend in PoHang.
So here I am, in a small glassed-in room reserved for non-smokers (the smokers get the other 80% of the Bang, and man o man, do they smoke),  typing this out and trying to figure out how I am going to get everything packed for my trip to the UK. 
Yes, I’m going home. 
Caledonia, you’re calling me.

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