Posted by: scottishboomerang | November 18, 2007

Questions on Religious Identity, Theology, and Linguistics.

These questions came up in a discussion with a Bahai friend which became rather more heated than I would have liked. Anyway, the questions, and my answers, in a nutshell, can be viewed below.

Words have ordinary meanings with linguistic subsets.


[small] [round] [ orange ] [sweet] [citrus fruit] [ small segments ] [seedless] [indigenous to Japan].


[Believes in one God] [Honours Jesus as a prophet] [Believes Mohammed was the messenger of God].


[ Believes in one God] [ Honours Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha Krishna, and Zorastra as messengers of God] [Believes Bahallulah was the Messenger of God for this day and age].


[Believes in One God] [Believes that One God incorporates three persons][Believes that Jesus was God] [Believes that he died and rose again to atone for the sins of humanity].


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