Posted by: scottishboomerang | September 17, 2007

Brawling in Korean Sports

In brawls in Korea, all the posturing is there, but it very rarely comes to really damage, even with all the martial arts.

This video is a bit silly from a novelty celebrity base-ball game. I see my students “fight” like this sometimes. I just haven’t a scooby-doo about what the rationale is behind the whole collective jumping business.

Far more serious though, is the K1 Boxing brawl that you see here. Whatever happened to asking a guy out for dinner and a movie?



  1. since you’re in korea, why don’t you learn the culture….

    that is not a real baseball game. it’s a comic skit.

    the kids who play that game is playing the “chicken game.” trying to knock others on their two feet. do you want kids fighting serious with their fists? sheesh….

  2. Actually, I’ve probably had substantially more opportunities to observe Korean culture than William, unless William is Korean.

    I’m allowing this comment because it answers my question, albeit in a nasty, mean-spirited way. I know that the baseball game wasn’t serious, that was the point of the post. Not knowing the meaning of one children’s game does not constitute ignorance of the culture.

    William, you might do well to learn your nettiquette.

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