Posted by: scottishboomerang | August 23, 2007

Household stuff…

There are some wonderful things I got this week. Shamed into getting new dishes by my African friend, I got white dishes. Here’s a thing. Don’t buy sets. If you break one thing, you scour the shelves looking for the replacement. Buy plain, white china which can be replaced, or else refuse to have a  single matching dish in your house.  The rebel in me goes for the latter, the hostess in me goes for the former.

* * *

E-mart, the Korean version of Wall-mart (the Citadel of Corporate Evil is present here too, but I don’t go there on principle)  has to be the worlds worst organised supermarket.  Looking for body wash? Think it will be next to the shampoo? Think again.  It takes an age to get round the place and you go back a week later and they’ve moved everything.


I can’t buy knives and forks anywhere round here. They are a culinary oddity. Even chopsticks are easier to come by in the West than knives and forks are here.


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