Posted by: scottishboomerang | July 27, 2007

Hello world!

Welcome to the first edition of the all new Scottish Boomerang, a travel, culture and current affairs blog I began in Korea in 2004, but subsequently lost because the boffins at Blogger thought it would be a really smart idea to have the blogger dashboard “sense” the nationality of the IP address and  change languages automatically. I pressed “delete blog” by accident sometime in 2005, taking all my travel jounrals with it, much to the consternation of my friends, family, and small following of three people who used to log on regularly. No matter, here I am again, several continents later, but somehow back in South Korea finishing my LLM.

I’ve recently returned from Latin America (Colombia) where I was for four months on a juridical internship.  So now I’m back in PoHang, finsihing the darned thesis, and working full-time in a hogwon really far from the University. Normally I eschew them, but the boss seems like a decent sort,  and of course, the work is very easy for someone experienced both in teaching and in Korea.  More about why I’m no longer in the dormitories later.

So thats it. Hello world…again!


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